Sims 3 how to move into a new house (Tutorial)

Move Sims into new house.. very easy ;) ) Enjoy
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25 Responses to Sims 3 how to move into a new house (Tutorial)

  1. durrohurro says:

    oi what if i builtd a house when i was living in another house then use the money cheat to buy the house i made i do the money cheat and get enough money but when i click buy it said i onliy had 16,00 and when i click on my sim i have 300,000 please help

  2. TheNanoAssassin11 says:

    @turtlespet Make a family before you move and once you have all of your family, go to the phone or computer or whatever and select move. Your family should come with you. If this dosen’t work then PM me. I could post a tutorial 4 it on my channel as a good first vid. and I’ll use a vid capture program 4 good quality but thats only if what i just said didn’t help u.

  3. deoxas says:

    i need help on sims 2 but i cant find eny help on it…

  4. turtlespet says:

    This didnt work for me. I made a new house for my sims but I cant move them in. Their is no one living on my game right now. As I see on yours, your house on their already has a family into that house. Im sorry if i am confusing to you but how do you work this sim problem?

  5. LassieLove313 says:

    OK… i know a much better way, witch is also much more cheaper than that one!!

  6. SondrezFTW says:

    Or u can use the phone or the computer in Sims 3 to move?

  7. demonictwilight101 says:

    when one moved out specifically clicked that only SHE will move out, but then the entire family followed her

  8. Marilynn1985 says:

    thank you so much, it really helped me! I was in a little house and i wanted to move cause i hadnt much space for me so now i know how to do it!!

  9. zekkentier says:

    However, it seems like you lose all the wishes the Sim has.
    I know found an option called “move” when you use the cellphone (the phone probably, too). I think that might be an idea, since my sim had the wish to move into a penthouse and the wish was lost by doing it the way mentioned in the vid. Now I have to start with the wishes all over again, getting only low points and stuff.

  10. yoey37 says:

    omg, tis was thee most helpful tutorial I EVER saw thank you so much!!!

  11. MinecraftAwesomeA says:

    THANK YOU!!! I’ve looked at so many sims websites but they only show you what to do after you have your family moved!!

  12. gpeanutbutter99 says:

    @NorthBay420 U go to town map and click on your house then you should see a button that says replace house and then click it and choose your house :P

  13. abortitwow says:

    @WeightlossChristy i dont think so

  14. sharkyfish621 says:

    @sneakiekitkat oh it is i done i me self

  15. sharkyfish621 says:

    TY :)

  16. sneakiekitkat says:

    @Nic4347 i dont think thats possible.

  17. BortaMaga says:

    How to move to another town without affecting family tree?

  18. WeightlossChristy says:

    Do you keep the same simoleons ?

  19. Nic4347 says:

    how do you move them into a new world like say i live in sunset valley how would I move them to river world?

  20. BortaMaga says:

    If you updated the sims 3, you can move by the phone!

  21. syed222100 says:

    What name of the town

  22. JrPotatoHead1209 says:

    Everyone if you’re a console game click you’re sim, click phone and click move :D 

  23. lynnandian says:

    how do i move my sim in with her boyfriend??? when i click on the phone then move hes not on there!! :(

  24. lalagirl211 says:

    what about sims 2 i need help moving my sims into a new lot without losing the items in that house that they were moving in?? can i do that

  25. cantito12345 says: