Google I/O 2011: Keynote Day One

Google I/O 2011 - Keynote Day 1: Android Video footage from Day 1 keynote at Google I/O 2011
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Google I/O 2011: Keynote Day One

  1. Arjundadhich says:

    I dont agree with the photo on Android Eating Apple…!!!!

  2. s4bones says:

    @biggerben2010 wow, i don’t think you used the word “fag” enough. only reason android is “selling better” sorry shipped.. They never release sold numbers, only shipped.. Is because they are are on a lot of cheap feature phones and free phones that have a super old version of android. Read more dude, android is the ultimate spyware..

  3. s4bones says:

    @Kuki1810 to bad ICS will never be on more than 50% of all the android phones out there. What is it on now? like a couple phones! hahahhaa!

  4. jganer says:


  5. MilesGos says:

    @ThisWasDavid That’s exactly what I came here to see. so thanks for the tip. Saved me some time :)

  6. theGAM3ROFON3LIN5 says:

    im from cairo :)

  7. ThisWasDavid says:

    Go to 46:45 to see the concept for the Nexus Entertainment System. NES by Google.

  8. Alex13N says:

    @2letuknow Google Docs ^^

  9. shakilmujeeb says:

    Awwesom. thank you google

  10. s4bones says:

    @stalemate6 lol! not even close!! Samsung total smartphone (including BADA) was 32M. and thats “shipped” Apple sold more than 32M phones (all 3 smartphones) and thats SOLD, not shipped. BTW apple made the lions share of the total smartphone profits. Microsoft makes more “per phone” than google does. Google gives out android to mine user data…

  11. stalemate6 says:

    @willsong1234 It’s at 700 000 activations per day now. 3.7 million Android devices were activated on December 24 and 25 alone.

  12. stalemate6 says:

    @s4bones And yet, the Samsung Galaxy S2 alone was outselling the iPhone 4S when you wrote this.

  13. Zilvins7 says:


  14. ShadowriverUB says:

    @brian27610 you don’t need to react like to that and say immature ay, for your information Jobs had cancer problems even before iPhone and i bet they don’t think that way about there competition this way, all those bites are just from both sides (you can see that in this conference) it’s just for marketing :p other then that i bet they more happy to have competition like that, it improved both sides they both earn from each other

  15. jono2212isthebest says:


    Really awkward wait for clapping…

  16. jono2212isthebest says:

    Apple version: Genius
    Google version: Instant mix


  17. j3tzer says:

    There was no single time I was not in awe of Google.

  18. brian27610 says:


    well, im just saying, because this is a video for Android, not apple.

    im not trying to have an argument, im just stating that he shouldn’t compare 2 people for ”presentation skills”

  19. Wiitiko says:

    @brian27610 Replying to a dumb post with an equally intelligent response doesn’t win you an argument, just saying.

  20. TheJasperkitty says:

    What iPhone are they talking about?

  21. brian27610 says:


    wow, stupid prick apple fanboy, who the fuck cares if his presentation is not like jobs? Jobs is dead now you little baby, i bet you cried when he died. jobs was a retard, he wasted all his time trying to destroy android, he was so busy with that that he didn’t even realize he had cancer and he didn’t even get to see his long lost father, hes a crazy dude who wants revenge, google sucks because of this 1 guy? wow you must be 11? okay maybe 12 max.

  22. ducpro241196 says:

    google sucks his presentation skills is not like jobs

  23. ramusakarami says:

    Where is roaming profiles support? Stupid save settings in “Local Settings” folder! Fucking Chrome for home usage!