pig house construction

3D graphics animation and walk through of construction methodology for a pig house complete with tunnel ventilation system and automatic feeding system. Computer software used: AutoCad 2008, 3D Studio Max 2008, and Ulead Video Studio11.5+

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13 Responses to pig house construction

  1. Angieamoremio says:

    BASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO VEGAN CAZZO!

  2. TheBsiranga says:

    Exellent!.Animal raising for food has been in my mind.
    This gives perfect know how.

  3. maverickraven35 says:

    nice pal…but id like to know better green things done after the pit system…

  4. noelaco2006 says:

    My pleasure.  Thanks!

  5. MrRalli16 says:

    Well done mate .. I like the animation , I was planning to do a piggery business , this fine work of yours give me more idea and information in building my farm .. Good luck .

  6. noelaco2006 says:

    The video is just to show the 3D animation capability of the author. The piggery building was chosen as the subject because the author has worked in this industry for 16 long years. The author can be contacted for a complete, detailed and architect approved design either in 2D or 3D (still and animated). Thanks!

  7. dacs1081 says:

    is this architect design approved?
    …i didnt saw the drainage system?

    i like your design mr. noelaco2006!!!! great job!!!
    this presentation made me a good idea on how will i start my piggery farm…

  8. dacs1081 says:

    is this architect design approved?
    …i didnt saw the drainage system?

  9. ArchFrozen says:

    Damn…  i’ve been looking for this kind of presentation for a long time now.. it makes the idea of construction of a systematic pig house easier for me and to enable me to estimate the land size, material used, costing for the materials and for future expansions purpose.

    This presentation is also very good to enable me to comply with the relevant and existing local by-laws for pig breeding..

    Thanks a lot noelaco2006!!!

  10. noelaco2006 says:

    No mention of specific company pls. By the way, the design is not copied from any source. The author/designer had more than 16 years of work in the hog industry. If you analyze the video, it cannot be called an ideal tunnel ventilated growing house bldg because the pits are just along the walls. The objective of the video is to present the graphical and animation capability of the author, not the bldg itself hence no emphasis on the technical design was given. Thanks.

  11. freeman07021 says:

    belmont design to!

  12. mjresaca says:

    Nice vid!!

  13. butchicomval says:

    nice, my dream house for my pigs