Project Bolo – NISHA

PROJECT BOLO, meaning 'Project Speak Up', offers role models by documenting Indian LGBT persons -- their growing up, struggles, love, career, achievements and life. Project Bolo's objective is to record Indian LGBT history, as well as inspire and empower the LGBT community in India, by presenting video interviews of LGBT persons and role models, who 'speak up' about their life and work. This interview features NISHA. ---------------------------- NISHA Girish Kumar was a simple boy-next door in a town in Southern India. Through school, college and his diploma course in computer science, he wore his shirt and pant daily, but on Sunday, he would secretly wear girl's clothes at his friend's house. Never could he have imagined that one day he would board a train to Mumbai which would change his life forever. Joining a Hijra (eunuch) household, dancing at weddings, begging on streets; working at The Humsafar Trust as an outreach worker, rising up to head half-a-dozen projects as Administrator and finally transforming into the beautiful Nisha, was never part of his life plans. Nisha now dreams of equal rights for her transgender community and a happy life with her half-a-dozen transgender daughters. ---------------------------- For more information and to read the transcript of the above interview please visit​nisha.htm You are free to embed this video, but we request you to credit "Courtesy : Project Bolo - Indian LGBT Oral History Project" and provide a link ...
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