►►► Homemade Free Magnetic Energy Generator Plans ◄◄◄

► Homemade Free Magnetic Generator Plans. After a long absence I am back with exciting new information that I look forward to your constructive feedback on. However I'm still battling health issues and without warning may be away for even longer. Much like that of a big think tank, I invite you, the inventor and tinkerer in you to join me in a 100% open forum right here on Youtube to what I feel will be ground breaking work towards moving away from high energy bills, while moving towards self recharging electric cars. Yes there are all kinds of Free energy devices on the web, but I have yet to find one single video that shows/proves their device will power itself nonstop for months, let alone run continuously for years. ► In my video I explain to you a major upgrade on an old but simple idea that is based upon works that originated way back to the 1880s, around the time when in 1888 Nikola Tesla invented the first practicable AC motor and with the poly phase power transmission system. But don't let the fancy terms scare you away if by chance this is all new to you, because what I am about to show you can be built by most teenagers of 16 and up. ☺ Kids, please ask for your parent's guidance before starting this project as the rare earth magnets used in this project are the strongest magnets in the world, and can seriously injure you!! For real. ► Sometime in the 1970s, a man by the name of Joseph Newman reconfigured/simplified the DC electric motor to what is better ...
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  1. FreeMagneticEnergy2 says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for all of the support mail! I’ve been away once again for health reasons and should be able to get back to business very soon. I look forward to seeing where my research takes us, as the best way to find out is do it yourself, rather than some who acts like a know it all.

    Lost my old workshop, now I have to find a new place to continue my work.


  2. FreeMagneticEnergy2 says:


    Don’t smoke, never have. This video is about theory. Watch my other vids where I actually show you how to build it. You really should look around a little more before jumping to conclusions.


  3. FreeMagneticEnergy2 says:


    Apply the sciences yourself. Stop wondering and just do it.

  4. FreeMagneticEnergy2 says:


    Yes, they can.

  5. verymetal86 says:

    Hey cptnemo20k, Euro-trash? Ha ha ha !!! At least most of us are’nt Brainwashed !, and at least we have in our Classrooms a map of the World…Not just the country we live in.
    So, Ha Ha Ha and a couple of Tee Hee Hee’s you horrible little man ;)

  6. BlGDlCKxDUBSTEP says:

    But cant magnets be demagnetized?

  7. DavidLawton93 says:

    On every video I go on to do with magnets and energy i see a top comment saying exactly what you put… when you see them more than once you start to think hmmmm don’t trust it!

  8. TjRDenver says:


  9. TjRDenver says:


  10. ShahinGenerator says:

    Another “just for fun” Video Clip that might be true or disputable.

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  11. greenrolaids says:

    faggot fake

  12. subhankar39 says:

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  13. subhankarwork says:

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  14. yakacm says:

    gr8 idea IF it could work, but finding a renewable source of power is the holy grail, what with the looming energy crisis, the price of fuel rocketing, don’t you think that if possible we would all be usig it right now. I don’t want to be rude or disrespectful, cuz you sound like a nice guy, but do you truly think that one man tinkering in his shed is going to make a break thru, where well funded and equiped universitys and R&D dept’s have failed? Wouldn’t be the first time but I doubt it

  15. willfisher100 says:

    lost with the only source of energy being the battery the energy in the system will drop till the battery is flat. This style of power generating will never work and it might be better if you used your time on more achievable sources of “free” power such as wind or solar. Sorry for the disjointed message but I ran out of characters.

  16. willfisher100 says:

    is most concentrated at the ends of the bar magnets. Another problem with your method of generating the electricity to charge the battery is that with a fixed magnet revolving in fixed coils without comutators the electricity will be AC not the DC needed to charge a battery. Overall the system would loose power through the heat generated in the coils, the inefficiency of charging/discharging of the battery and heat and noise generated from the bearings of your axel. All this energy will be los

  17. willfisher100 says:

    I’m sorry to tell you this but your design will not work apart from it obviously breaching one of the fundamental laws of physics that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The induced current in a conductor (the big coils) creates a force due to the magnetic field creating it in the opposite direction to the movement of the magnet therefore slowing it down (see lenz’s law). The use of sides of the magnets is not very useful as the magnetic flux density (which determines the induced current) i

  18. mikemulatto says:

    Damn I thought ur gonna show how u made it, while I’m watching got bored it takes you so darn looooooong, the talking is too much, most specially I can hear you breathing like ur a heavy smoker

  19. SurvivalGuide2012 says:

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  20. teknik13a says:

    you are a fraud!

  21. gmesthermax says:

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  22. MultiGazman says:

    Yeah i know they are,Alex Jones is another victim of youtube censoring.How did the updated version go?

  23. magickoutlaw1 says:

    truely, great video

  24. instantproducts says:

    please build it. show diagram and schematic. and not so much talking.

  25. lykenth08 says:

    w w w(.)youtube(.)com/user/romerouk#p/a/u/1/dDW_OfkIaIU. this is a muller, self running.