Mrs.Tendulkar – Episode 152 – 2nd September 2011

Gangaram Godbole Colony has organized a giant competition in regards to Ganesh Festival. Kitty informs Suhaas that Pagare is bringing the biggest idol in the colony. Pagare plans to bring 4 foot of Ganesh idol. Suhaas brings small Ganesh idol in Tendulkar house. Kids get upset as they want to compete with other colony members. Suhaas wants to teach right values to colony members and kids. Who will win the competition? Mrs. Tendulkar' is a unique story of the bank colony members who, work and live together as one big family. The show stars comedy-veteran Deven Bhojani, as Suhaas Tendulkar and featuring Kishore Godbole a well-known Marathi actress as Vibhavari Tendulkar. The show is being produced by renowned production house Hats Off Productions Pvt. Ltd. This unique idea of working together & staying together of employees brings the flavor of humor, emotions and bonding. The show - Promoolves around the life of the Tendulkar's where, unlike most other families, the bread-earner is the woman and husband is the homemaker. Vibhavari Tendulkar is a bank manager at Gangaram Godbole Sahkari bank. Suhaas Tendulkar looks after the daily chores of the house. Though, the Tendulkars have adapted to this setting very amicably, this does not go down to well with the members of the new society. It is said that employees of Gangaram Godbole Sahkari bank share a love--hate relationship with each other. Every employee has unique characteristics. The society comprises of distinctive ...
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