Tips When Drawing Your House Plan

Tips When Drawing Your House Plan

Article by Mike Selvon

When you decide to become a house owner you have two choices to achieve your goal. Use the services of a real estate agent to identify a ready-made home that suits your purpose and buy it, or build your own. For the second option, the most basic requirement would be a house plan, which you can either design yourself or have drawn by a professional.

You can also find a number of house floor plans on the internet, which can be used directly or as inspiration for your own drawing. Sometimes, you can get some excellent home plans when you research online and off.

Assuming that the idea of drawing your own houseplans appeals to you, let us see how this can be done right from scratch. This is a very specialized task, so just having some exceptional ideas playing in your mind is not enough. Architecture is a vast subject and it requires five years of focused study for one to graduate.

Nobody says that you should obtain a degree before you draw your own style house plans; however, you should allow yourself about 3-6 months to study this art and understand the different aspects that can help you translate what you have in mind onto paper. If possible, you could even take a few short courses on or offline to acquire the requisite skill base.

Once you have the basic know-how on how to draw a house plan, you can set out to work. The first thing that needs to be done is to decide about the layout of the house floor plans, as this is what will tell the builder the details of each aspect of your home: the size of the rooms, their placement, the location and size of the doors, closets and windows, and so on.

The kitchen needs special attention as it requires both appropriate ventilation and a well-planned working triangle. The functionality of your kitchen will depend totally on the design. Another very important aspect that will need your attention while drawing new home plans is the foundation or basement.

Lastly, you need to envision the exterior of your home. Each detail you have in mind needs to be put clearly onto the drawing, as this is the only document that will guide the builder during construction.

Building your own house is a great responsibility and the house plan is one of the most important pre-requisites. If and when you decide to draw these home plans yourself, ensure that the plan not only meets with the quality standards required, but also represents accurately what you want to have built, since repairs and modifications later will be highly counter-productive and expensive.

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