Which Direction House Plans Face Can Make Difference

Which Direction House Plans Face Can Make Difference

Article by Christine Sears

There are numerous environmental issues involved when selecting house plans as well as how to present your home on your building lot. While many times certain local restrictions may inhibit your ability to turn a house toward a different facing, there are times and locations that leave you free to point your house in whatever direction you choose.This is one consideration in choosing house planes, of you are locked into which direction the house faces, you may want to consider different, or modified plans. For example, if you are a late sleeper and your master bedroom will have windows facing the east, you may need to adjust the location of the bedroom or risk getting woke up by bright sunlight nearly every morning.Large picture windows facing the setting sun can wreak havoc on television viewing and worse, sunlight streaming through a large window can be harmful to carpets and furniture. If you are not the type to embrace the use of heavy drapes or blinds, using a different type of window in your house plans may be necessary.If your house plans put all bedrooms on a collision course with the sun, you may consider having the plans printed as a mirror form instead of being forced into a different plan. Everything in the plan will be reversed and easily move the bedroom windows away from the morning sun. Remember though that means the setting sun will be visible. And if you go to bed early, this could present problems.Turning a home slightly to give better access to sunshine or darkness may be the easiest way to keep your house plans intact, but some communities dictate in which direction houses are allowed to face. This, of course, is something that you should have thought about before you bought the building lot.

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