Sims 3: The Peristyler Villa

Follow me on Twitter! This house is built from scratch, everything from foundations to its interior decorating. House is in the exchange! [BELOW] Feel free to add me:) * * * The Peristylar Villa 1 Garage 2 Living Rooms 1 Dining Room 1 Kitchen 2 Bathrooms 3 Bedrooms Many Study Rooms 60x60 Resedential Lot Furnished: 0605 Unfurnished: 4308 * * * Notes Store items were used. Captured using the Sims 3 ingame record feature. * * * System Windows 7 Ultimate x86 (32 bit) Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.8 GHz Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 1GB 4GB Ram (3.5GB ~ 32 bit) Direct x10 1440 x 900 (Monitor) Keyboard & Mouse Thank you for watching. ABLH9
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Sims 3: The Peristyler Villa

  1. Willt602 says:


  2. Yeo Zhong Ying says:

    OMG!? How did you do that exact replica of my house?! You’re so aweeeesommeee :D

  3. TheNicoleSk says:

    sei un architetto=

  4. Victoria Fountain says:

    /o <

  5. JNicoleBelieber says:

    My house looks like that but mines bigger

  6. JNicoleBelieber says:

    Wow I want to have like that house!

  7. nickolasyg says:

    is just my oppinion, but that house dont have style

  8. Gloupp .Gloupp says:

    vous parlez français c’est pas comme sa qu’il va vous comprendre

  9. Gloupp .Gloupp says:

    This is beautifull villa,i’m french i no speak english.

  10. duniluni says:

    fast fast

  11. singasongi says:

    woo. *-*

  12. Avraham018 says:


  13. Molly Close says:


  14. BlueChrystal1o1 says:

    How about Slow-Motion??
    Ever heard about that word??!!

    /• (

  15. Poorthat says:

    เซียนจริงนะนิ ^0^

  16. studiousguy375 says:

    @smiley33609 Same here! I’ll have an idea in mind, but I initiate it and end up making rooms WAY off intended scale, get flustered by colors and style, and so on and so forth. :)

  17. mourabarriento12 says:

    e qual the sims 3

  18. Valorron says:

    toi tu fais ça en 15 20 minutes et moi je le fait en 1 ou 2 jours, je suis un looser

  19. danette124 says:

    Tu es un(e) géni(e) ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  20. Radoslav nikolov says:

    edna ot nai qkite pesni pls pishi mi skype mi e runaldo91

  21. andiders says:

    If I got 1 dollar, each time I’ve heard this song, youtube would have made me a billionaire!
    True story

  22. Radoslav nikolov says:

    Fen si le mom4e

  23. zombiekiller1997NE says:

    i want to make that house but the video is to fast! not so nice, but the house is really beautiful! ♥♥♥♥

  24. lisoux1000 says:

    Trop fort,c’est trop beau ! :D

  25. TheodyerMD3 says:

    Oh ! C’est trop *-* !