Sims 3 – Luigi’s mansion

**READ** If anyone wanted to download this house, It's not possible. My computer contained a virus where we had to remove sims 3 while removing other installed things. I've installed sims 3 back but this house has been deleted because of it. So there is no chance that this house can be downloaded since I do not have it anymore. I Apologize :( This took SO long to make lol. If you have any questions, please ask! I would be happy to answer them.
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25 Responses to Sims 3 – Luigi’s mansion

  1. imaspongebobmom says:

    wheres luigi

  2. 4Wicked2Clowns0 says:

    fire alarm and you dont even have to call the fire dept they just show up.

  3. bob pop says:

    omg its beautiful nice work

  4. FuturisticDevil says:

    ofcoarse I have a money cheat to create these wonderful houses. If you want the money cheat than message me privately. No downloads are needed its a simple keyboard instruction

  5. FuturisticDevil says:

    It kind of depends on how many items in the rooms. If its a crammed up room with bunches and bunches of objects then yes it will catch on fire. However this house DID catch on fire in the fortune teller room which i had to rebuild again. But It was a small room with not as much space so it made sense. If it does catch on fire i suggest putting in a phone before you finish so you can call the fire department to stop the fire xD otherwise it will destroy everything

  6. LGDXJawsdakiller says:

    Hey, how do you make the mansion so big with so many things inside of it without it catching fire? I play it on xbox 360, does it change anything?

  7. sonickid11112 says:


  8. sonickid11112 says:

    when you built it

  9. sonickid11112 says:

    when you got this game did the house cost simolians? how much?

  10. FuturisticDevil says:

    sims I lost the car bed now because i had to redownload sims 3. But I believe i downloaded it off of the site. Or i bought it with sims points at the sims shop. You need real money to access sims points.

  11. FuturisticDevil says:

    downloaded from sims website. Others create some interesting products. Go there if you are interested

  12. LCraidio says:

    how do u get the car bed im bursting to kno

  13. MisterPoltergust3000 says:

    hpw did you get that huge tv at 2:06?

  14. VIRRE47Wii says:

    with the expansion pack “late night” u can get more instruments than guitarrs

  15. boboplaygta says:

    3D Map For Luigi’s mansion

  16. mamaluigi2you says:

    Yeah, then you’d have ghosts all over the place.

  17. FuturisticDevil says:

    ooh really? I know that sims 2 you pay around 150 bucks to the grim reaper to make them live again. I thought in sims 3 once they are dead, they are dead o.o

  18. mamaluigi2you says:

    You make a bunch of Sims, kill them, and have the science place bring them back to life.

  19. quasyj says:

    if that ambtions you can take the remains from the grave yard

  20. quasyj says:

    look like that in the past

  21. Gamer19975 says:


  22. FuturisticDevil says:

    hahaha! success i win :)

  23. KsTuMa says:

    hmmm, no I didnt know it was you xD

  24. FuturisticDevil says:

    you know who this is right? kitty? xD only made this account to make sims 3 creations like this :D

  25. KsTuMa says: