Building a fighting robot

Building a 1 pound combat robot.

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25 Responses to Building a fighting robot

  1. roshansingh0202 says:

    is this an rc robot

  2. bullzeyeism says:

    He’s thinking thinking n thinking….

  3. epark254 says:

    ppl im near broke can u guys tell me the cheapest servos (already put together), transmitters, and receivers? TY!!!! (btw, im 11)

  4. nerfmonstrosity says:

    may i suggest protecting the belts that are connecting ur motors to ur weapon the look like the could snap easily

  5. ahmer303 says:

    waooo! you have your on lab and car

  6. slider7w says:

    Pfft, like you can tell at that resolution! But you are probably right, I was terrible at soldering back then. Now I am pretty good and actually have a proper soldering station.

  7. AndyXplorer says:

    nice bot…but u totally cold soldered that joint

  8. punnu5997 says:

    Can you list the items used in the process, in plain english along with the tamiya product code, because I really want to know the R/C controller used in that.

  9. superkoolking says:

    you fool where is the actual making of robo nonense fellow

  10. TheOneSpiegel says:

    Please post this on under projects.

  11. Ahmed0Elyamani says:

    cool !

  12. Robots4Sale says:

    i build and sell real battlebots, email me for details at thegoodrobot at

  13. strogg117 says:

    I recommend you to make mosfet transistor H bridge

  14. XthewaytofailX says:

    @roofy2k wow, that hurt. not!!!! *trollface*

  15. IsNotWhatSheSaid says:

    * She was never a very good robot.

  16. lamexicanchikia10 says:

    tell mi how do i bight one of those

  17. Glyndwr348 says:

    Hey nice vid 5* Also, do you know of any way that I can modify a r/c car reciever to control a robot ?

  18. RomanKnight88 says:

    hey man how much it was total cost for your robot? 5* i like it :D

  19. RomanKnight88 says:

    cool fighting robot :D 5* like it

  20. slider7w says:

    I use Fingertech Robotics timing pulleys now.

  21. MrYobo60 says:

    IF the Tamiya product #70141 system isnt so good what would be a better way to drive a blade on a battlebot. I dont want the shaft on the motor to bend. plz respond

  22. slider7w says:

    Tamiya product #70141

    Not a very good system though…

  23. MrYobo60 says:

    hey, where did you get the belt system that small?

  24. TheHazzabigun says:

    get a spectrum dx5e, for £40 rxs range from £6-100.
    as for parts, motors-£25, speed controler £45 battery £10 charger £20 a brushless setup will be about £40-50
    i hope this helps. if you live in the UK i do a robot kit which may be of some use to you.

  25. ADY18K says:

    hey man what RC – remote control you use for this robot??? model ? name?