US Capitol – Full scale Minecraft model – SMP server

This is a full scale model of the US Capitol building, built by me (Alizée Fan) with the help of my friends on one of the SMP servers of The Ville. It is a 100% "legitimate" construction, made without op commands, /give, inventory editing, or any other form of cheat over the course of nearly 8 months. All materials were gathered through standard means available to anybody -- mining, hunting, smelting, etc. Digging the hole took around 4 months, and involved removing more than 1.35 million blocks. Early on it was slow going, just myself with a bunch of stone picks. As progress continued, more and more people came to help out, and we finished the last quarter of the digging in about a week, using diamond tools, TNT, and sheer manpower. The building took nearly another 4 months, and includes approximately 150000 blocks. It's based on blueprints of the Capitol available on the UVA website, and includes all known interior rooms, hallways, staircases, etc. Because I had to follow blue prints carefully, I did nearly all the actual construction myself, but this was only possible because of the extremely generous donations of time and materials from my many Ville friends, many of whom spent quite a few hours each week mining ore, hunting sheep, cooking slabs, and doing countless other tasks in order to keep me fully supplied. With the 1.8 patch coming out any day now, this SMP server Is going to be reset to take advantage of the new content offered by the update, hence the ...

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25 Responses to US Capitol – Full scale Minecraft model – SMP server

  1. MrDmhiston says:

    how did u get plans for the interior? lol u must have been looking for ages

  2. Dubstep8cheese says:


  3. PineappleVolkswagen says:


  4. llllIllllIllllI says:

    who would dislike?

  5. CroatianMinecrafter says:

    What were you about to say at 5:58, beacose the video glitched or you edited it.
    And i wuld like to know.

  6. Peahats95 says:

    Why haven’t I commented on this video yet? Even though I came in late I had loads of fun working on this, and I looked forward to your next project (when you get the time).

  7. xXxJ3ioxXx says:

    Damn good job

  8. Xxcrazyfan16xX says:

    1:43 theres a terroist

  9. emcooney says:

    No mods, no ops, no creative mode, no cheats. 100% manual labor. I did the planning, building, and about half of the digging. Others helped me big time with the other half of the digging, as well as with collection of the absurd number of resources needed to build it, in particular the wool and the lapis.

  10. TheSUPERCHENS says:

    did you use an op or an mod or did you mine these with other people?

  11. pancakeman808 says:

    u sir must have alot of time

  12. Fastshadow69 says:

    Hey we cant download this can we? :3

  13. emcooney says:

    Awesome :-) Glad to hear it matches your experience!

  14. jfabproductions says:

    went inside the capital building on a personal tour a month ago. you guys nailed it

  15. auk40 says:

    Wow! Absolutely great work!

  16. emcooney says:

    Indeed there are, but that takes the fun and challenge out of it! We don’t use any modifications or cheats of any type. Having this kind of deadline encourages both completion of the projects, and also the construction of new ones!

  17. jbear0000 says:

    There are mapping programs that will allow you to edit a world file and keep only the parts you want or even to merge parts together into one map. That way you could create and keep a map with all of your best creations.

  18. emcooney says:

    The owner did make a copy of the world file from the day before the destruction and reset available, for our personal archives. The world itself, however, was way too big and well explored to justify keeping it after as major an update as 1.8. We did a reset like this back in January as well, and probably will do another for 1.9 (or if not then, for the release). It helps keep filesize under control, and ensures our members don’t have to run several hours to find build space.

  19. dzisiht says:

    That is amazing!

  20. aepps2 says:

    im glad you delt with that terrorist in the capitol building!

  21. SyZToMoVERloaD says:

    why didn’t you save the world file? 

  22. broders13 says:

    wow you cleared all the land out too, nice work

  23. TeaAndMinecraft says:

    A single game that lets you fight zombies and teach a lesson in US history. Brilliant :) Thanks for sharing!

  24. FoxSmudges says:

    I’m glad i was able to contribute to excavating a large chunk of this with everyone :D I will will remember this for a long time

  25. ZachdaSoupNazi says:

    Most fun project ever! (Well, so far)