Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum

No trip to Key West would be complete without visiting the home of one of its most famous residents. The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum presents the unique opportunity for visitors to see the stomping grounds of this famous author. In this video, take a peak inside his residence and check out those famous 6-toed cats!

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7 Responses to Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum

  1. Nelsonrago says:

    Estive nessa casa, hemingway mantém com os direitos autorais mais de 200 felinos. Ele amava os felinos, chegou a ter 400 felinos!! Key West Flórida!

  2. Xiaolian7 says:

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  3. 1976Gazer says:

    I was there today.

  4. FidelCastro128 says:

    Red Brick wall that surrounds this house, was put up by Hemingway to keep
    the tourists from looking at him or at his house. Home also features a basement
    that had an extensive wine collection. I’m sure this would make him cringe!!
    Shame his Bi-Polar depression wasn’t properly treated back in the early 60′s.
    Viva Papa Hemingway!

  5. shimokita2 says:

    A couple of things. First, when Hemingway lived in the house, his son Patrick said that they didn’t keep cats. Also, none of the furniture currently in the house, except for possibly a small stool and maybe a chandelier, was ever owned by Hemingway. The story about the penny in the concrete is also, according to his widow and son, apocryphal. Remember, this is a privately owned, for-profit business here that is being advertising.

  6. CR65 says:

    It looks like a fascinating place to indulge oneself in especially the Hemingway home and museum. A fitting tribute to one of the great novelist that ever lived.

  7. DanielLamore says:

    Yes one cat does lead to another. We will need to keep this place in mind when we make it down to the Keys.