Building a Commercial Dog Boarding Kennel: part two

This video is about my invention the waste management box system, i have been experimenting with this idea for many years
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25 Responses to Building a Commercial Dog Boarding Kennel: part two

  1. comeseeben says:

    brilliant, my dog hates going toilet on hard solid surfices such as concrete. Well done!

  2. SiberianShepherdAlex says:

    This is just AWESOME. I wish the shelter I volunteer at would use a system like this. I think it would make the dogs look more adoptable as well, to be honest. I’ve noticed that when dogs mess near the door or track the feces, it makes them look disgusting and the potential adopters usually pass them by without a second thought. This is just amazing. Thanks for showing us!

  3. taylorlael says:

    I have worked for several kennels,veterinarians and groom shops, your design makes so much sense its a wonder I’ve never seen it before now, the cleanliness of your kennel is evident. I will be contacting you very soon as I plan out the design of my own boarding facility!

  4. HURONANGEL says:

    I am located in Northern AZ. outside Prescott.

  5. Gingersnap27239 says:

    where is your place

  6. drammycoke says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!! I am using this system when I build my breeding kennels!!!

  7. HURONANGEL says:

    . The gravel, grate and box stay very clean because of the way I designed the system and the natural digester that is use during cleaning. In the past I did try or think of other materials to cover or replace the gravel. I even thought of loosely tethering the gravel to the grate. After years of use I see there are not enough issues with the gravel to change anything.

  8. HURONANGEL says:

    Thank you for your comment. Years ago I was thinking the same thing. So far I have not boarded a gravel eater, but there have been a few dogs that like to spread the gravel around. As an experiment I have one kennel with no gravel in the box. What I have learned over the years is that my waste system works with the dogs natural responses just as I planned. The drain pipe vents enough scent to attract the dogs and the gravel has the right feel.

  9. Poiqtube says:

    For the dogs that eat the pea gravel… you could add a wire mesh over the top of the gravel… that would prevent them from eating it but they could still see and smell it. Possibly encouraging them to potty in that area.

  10. Poiqtube says:

    Suggestion: for the dogs that eat pea gravel, you could cover the gravel with another mesh plate… that way they can see and smell the gravel but not eat it. They may be encouraged to still potty in that area.

  11. jgarsemrod says:

    Your knowledge is huge. Thanks for all this information.

  12. Ossters says:

    sounds as that you keep them busy wish is good for young dogs but i hope to that you soon can jump on to bigger game
    and as for the name ,, your dogs do fit the name patterdale more than Fell terrier but keep calling them fell’s ,that keep’s the players away lol
    wish size of male dogs do you need/want.? i somethime’s breed and alway’s have the male’s as leftover’s

  13. HURONANGEL says:

    Yes i hunt them all the time but only small stuff. chipmunk, squirrels, gophers, packrats, rabbits and mice. in the future when i get some male Fells i will go after bigger stuff.

  14. Ossters says:

    do you hunt them .?

  15. Ossters says:

    do you hunt your fell’s .?

  16. HURONANGEL says:

    Yes patterdales, i call them FEL terriers. jessie is booth breeding, bred tight on Miss Crackers.
    Cloe is Masons molly and Brocktons Elf

  17. Geordiguy says:

    Are those Patterdale terriers?

  18. LadyEsori says:

    Wow! This was really neat! I love your waste management box idea. I look forward to seeing the rest of your kennel videos!

  19. PemWCorgi says:

    My first job was working at a boarding kennel in 1966 and I have been in dogs ever since. I’ve seen many kennels and owned my own grooming business. I’ve never seen anything so inovative and sanitary. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  20. xSASsniperPro says:

    6.52 to 7.07 The male Dog Proved you Wrong. LOL

  21. CreazioniPinnacolo says:

    yep..heated floors and waste boxes are defintately goin in when i build mine..

  22. MrsMagddaa says:

    Hi There I love your ideas, My 2-4 yrs plan is to construct a kennel,But really I dont no where to start,Another question is do you have any drains in the main walkway of the kennel,or do you just use your boxes to fully clean kennel?? thanks alot meg

  23. MrsMagddaa says:

    hello I am very interested in your Kennel design,and ideas,my 2-5 year plan is to construct a kennel,but I need more of the know how,could I get advice from you

  24. MrsMagddaa says:

    hello..You seem like a very well rounded and construction minded guy, I am looking for tips on how to plan the construction from ground up, How does one create a plan,I am not very experienced in this,and would like to do the majority of the work myself,thank you,meg

  25. HURONANGEL says:

    Thank you. More videos to come. designing and building a dog boarding kennel can be very difficult. my approach is to keep dogs calm, and have the ability for one person to take care of many dogs with less effort and issues like less fence fighting, intimidation, clean up, kennel noise. while designing the kennel components (dog runs, play areas, kitchen, reception area) for operational efficiency.