Various Chicken Coop Blueprints

Various Chicken Coop Blueprints

Article by Jaber Ghoneim

There are many different chicken pens designs that are available. You can choose from the wide variety of pens that would suit to your needs. In this page, a few of them would be tackled plus a few factors that you must consider prior to selection of your preferred design. The first is your aim in raising chickens. If you are doing it for commercial purposes, you ought to go for large ones. But this does not mean that if you are not, you will build a coop that is so small. Chickens also know when their coop is already overcrowded. This would lead to poor behaviors of your hens. They would start picking at the wall or spread out their food and worst of all, they might not lay eggs as they should be. Another factor is the amount of space that you have. Certainly, you would not be able to place a large chicken coop in a small area. You might have to look for a land space that will allow a size that you want. Below are some of the chicken pens designs that might come in handy.

Small Sized Coops -These are appropriate for chicken farmers which have small land space. Also, it will save you money as you would need fewer materials in order to build one. Furthermore, it is easier to clean and maintain. Normally, a small chicken coop can only house one to three hens so if you would only make them as pets, this will be good enough for you. Another advantage of this is that it is mobile so you can move them anywhere without much trouble. One drawback you have is you wouldn't' be able to add more chickens without building a bigger coop.

Chicken Coops with Dividers -Coops included in this category are usually large in size allowing you to house more than ten chickens inside. The only difference it has is the partitions that separate the hens. Such kind of coop is more organized compared to the others which does not have dividers. It allows you to isolate the hens that are laying eggs or the ones that are with their chicks from the roosters.

Two-storey Coops -These coops have upper and lower levels. Depending on the farmer's discretion, it may or may not contain dividers. It is ideal for chicken raisers which does not have much space. Definitely, it can house more chicken compared to single-story pens. One disadvantage it has is that it is harder to maintain and clean as it is bigger.Coops with Chicken Run -Such coops are the types that have an extra space at one side. It allows chickens to move freely in that additional room. This is strongly recommended especially when your coop is not that large and you house more chickens than the recommended number. This type is strongly recommended. Just ensure that you will place a net or roof above the added space so that your chickens will not be able to escape and also, to keep the predators away.

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