How to Build a Simple Pirate Boat (Part 1/5) – Sail the Seven Seas! – (Project Minecraft #17) (HD)

Want to build a pirate boat, but don't know where to start? In this Project Minecraft series, I'll be teaching you how to build an awesome boat out of very simple materials. In this first video, we'll build the hull and get the initial shape of the front and back going. (The design is an original one, made by myself (TheMegaMiner) ) ________________________ Five Parts: 1. Building the Hull 2. Captain's Quarters and Masts 3. Sails and Cannons 4. Details 5. Bonus Ideas _________________________ Flatgrass map: /\ - World used in this video - /\ _________________________ Music used in this video found at by Kevin Macleod. Music is royalty free. All the rest of the music was made in Mixcraft 5, a royalty free music program that allows you to create your songs with loops. Either that or the music was the music provided with Camtasia Stuido 7.1 and free to use as well. _________________________ Section 107 of the 1976 Copywrite act contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. My Videos thus fall under fair use. All the footage used is used with commentary and is protected by fair use. ____________________________________________________________ Minecraft © 2009-2011 Mojang Specifications | Minecraft created by Markus "Notch" Persson | For more information, please visit the official wesbite at ...

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25 Responses to How to Build a Simple Pirate Boat (Part 1/5) – Sail the Seven Seas! – (Project Minecraft #17) (HD)

  1. Steven Simms says:

    on pc how do you stop flying?

  2. Josiah Gerber says:

    Please make a tutorial on a 100×100 house, i am sure that would be fun to do a tutorial on!

  3. 16chrishale says:

    YOUR A BEAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ronyhaloman says:

    its best to use magic launcher

  5. stomy2222 says:

    DUDE HOW THE FUCK did you do this!!!!! ive done the same thing as you and mines still wrong!?!?!?!!?? it those fucking ending bits one is fucking bigger than the other.!!


  6. hunterulz122 says:

    We are going to need a bigger boat…

  7. spearbloom says:

    you sound like micky mouse

  8. vannavang says:

    uumm can it move?

  9. haloguy1324 says:

    i built one like it but much much bigger

  10. FlashTrickzz says:

    @TheRealMegaMiner Who stole this from chrisarchie ;)

  11. leomarc4 says:

    How do you put mods on minecraft

  12. Adkkid72 says:

    Great idea, but do you think this might work with the Zeppelin mod?

  13. CrIdErPrO says:


  14. memejk33 says:

    a lot =P

  15. 0ldSKuLlDj says:

    make a video on how to make the tree thing

  16. geoffreystover1995 says:

    build one inside a building

  17. MrSammbob says:

    you should make a pyramid or Egyptian style house

  18. thelastnice1 says:

    Or did chris archie steal it from him??

  19. EpicJustin97 says:


  20. aznkid145 says:

    please try to make the going merry or thousand sunny in one piece. its from one piece!!!!!!!


  21. tklip1234 says:

    How much is a crap-load?

  22. legitmind101 says:

    WOW you stole chrisarchieprods music….>:(

  23. TheBergieboys says:

    you have helped me with sooo much stuff, you rock TheRealMegaMiner

  24. najipajipo says:

    what the fuck is 2 UP???

  25. Dumbman135 says:

    @surviveaday38 This is an old video. He doesn’t get the 1.8.1 update till part 4, believe.