How to Build a Pub Table and Stools, Part 1: Table Legs Lowe's Shop Class host, Keith Flippen, demonstrates the first steps to building a pub table and stools. In this video, you will learn how to create the legs for the pub table. Each pub table leg is made of 4 beveled edge pieces that fit together into a box. To begin, add 1/2 inch to the length dimension for each leg board, and cut the parts to length. This will allow for squaring and cutting after the boards are glued together. After cutting to length, adjust the table saw to 45 degrees and rip the bevel along both long edges of the board. Now, you can try to fit all 4 pieces together by hand, but there is an easier way to do it. Lay three evenly spaced pieces of packing tape (12 inches each) with the sticky side up on your workbench. Then, place the first leg board perpendicular to tape. Press down. Follow by placing the second leg board next to the first board so the beveled edges butt up to each other. Repeat for the third and fourth boards. Then, apply glue to the beveled edges of the leg boards and roll the boards to form a square. While you are waiting for the glue to dry, you can begin working on your other 3 table legs and cutting the foot pieces for the legs. After the glue is dry, you can remove the tape. Don't worry if there are any gaps, as you will fill this with wood filler later on. Now you can square up the table legs on the miter saw. Finish up the table legs by adding the foot pieces with glue and nails. To find the detailed instructions ...
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2 Responses to How to Build a Pub Table and Stools, Part 1: Table Legs

  1. wallynd says:

    because the material is 1x lumber and the legs end up being 2 1/2″ square.. did you watch the video?

  2. CptStillwater says:

    Why would you cut the original wood piece into 4 beveled legs, then glue them back together? Why not just use the original leg? What’s the difference?