Huge hidden doorway! Minecraft masterpiece

A huge hidden doorway with pistons. This video was made on a smp(multiplayer) server with minecraft beta 1.7_02 Please comment if anyone wants a tutorial. It is possible to lower both sandwalls at the same time although I haven't done that in this example. BTW if anyone wonders the door is 7 * 10 which is the largest I've seen,
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Huge hidden doorway! Minecraft masterpiece

  1. XxlilscrufyxX says:

    well that took about 3 min to open…

  2. swaggbearr says:

    music gay, video also gay

  3. HitTheMac says:

    but if theres a hole on the top couldn’t you just walk on to the top of the hill and jump down there?

  4. Kramlets says:

    Or just run up the hill and jump through the roof?

  5. CasperLind1 says:

    LOL, neatherrack

  6. CasperLind1 says:

    No… it was to hide the cake :D

  7. AG5523 says:

    1:26, LOL, house on fire

  8. pierre135B says:

    thats easy with sand

  9. miksne21 says:

    thats a nice door in all but whats going to stop ppl from climbing over

  10. Tkeleth says:

    If my front door took nine minutes to open, I’d live the fuck outside.

  11. jonttulink says:

    1 too easy 2 too ugly 3 roof hehhheh

  12. frisout says:

    turtorial plzzz

  13. kzokyn says:

    Holy s..t!!! O_o awesome!

  14. techpakr4 says:

    but how do you make it

  15. techpakr4 says:

    that is awsome

  16. killjoy1025 says:

    coool ಠ_ಠ

  17. Bunnyboi114 says:

    So you took the time to make a account just to say that?

  18. 1GAMEDOG1 says:

    mines through house… awww sh*t! not again!

  19. 1GAMEDOG1 says:

    or… you could use a door

  20. donavon0weikel says:

    you obviously didn’t watch the whole video

  21. socomjunki says:

    ok now put it back up…

  22. genrele says:

    if it was me i would get board and use tnt

  23. burstofsanity says:

    Why am I getting a Bomberman vibe from the music?

  24. ProtoKittenz says:

    that was really cool but i would say speed it up it kinda took too long