How to build a NPC village Church/Watchtower on Minecraft

This is a tutorial on how to build an NPC village Church on minecraft. This is the first episode of the building an NPC village series leave a comment on what building should be next. please like comment and subscribe!
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25 Responses to How to build a NPC village Church/Watchtower on Minecraft

  1. InoCentBloodHound says:

    A church with no cross? lol

  2. airborn211 says:

    Lol nvm I just found your video for that.

  3. airborn211 says:

    Npc Library.

  4. iNedwood says:

    I’m not to sure what you mean, Could you explain?

  5. airborn211 says:

    Maybe you could do one for library blue prints?

  6. iNedwood says:

    I’m not sue what you mean, sorry :S

  7. cyberhunter33 says:

    make a video about how to make different kinds of npc villager (exept for the brown)

  8. Terrance Le says:

    thanks for this tutorial do more

  9. haloreachpro99 says:

    Hmmm, how about creating an NPC village? With the villagers and blacksmith and stuff?

  10. BulletBrain666 says:

    Brings back memories… On my first day in minecraft i found one of these and spent the night killing creepers with a wooden sword :)

  11. Wasilcz says:

    Thx you help me =)

  12. iNedwood says:

    Yep that works too :)

  13. TechPerson32 says:

    Or use the craftable spawn eggs mod, which I might do.

  14. iNedwood says:

    Sadly no but that would be awesome instead you have to spawn in a testificate using eggs in creative

  15. TechPerson32 says:

    When you make this, does it give you a priest?

  16. sonnylada says:

    no problem, i just wanted to let you know, but remember, everyone on youtube started out small, keeping goind, im shure your videos will get veiws in the future, the more quality stuff you do the more people will watch your vids.

  17. iNedwood says:

    Oh i apologize for the mistake, i would update the video but because of the views and the fact im busy i wont. but im really sorry for the mistake ;(

  18. sonnylada says:

    just wanted to let you know that you got the church just a little wrong, i dont know if it matters much to the npc’s but, i thought id let you know just in case you wanted to do an updated video, the inside was a lil wrong with the windows and the priest stand, like i said, might not matter much to the NPC but to the player whom would like to build it exsactly to spec. anyways, just letting you know.

  19. iNedwood says:

    Its cool man glad to be able to help :) if you want to see more videos be sure to subscribe as there are quite a few new series starting soon.

  20. SuperCorndog12 says:

    thanks man i have tried to do this before watching your video and failed

  21. iNedwood says:

    ill try it out and im love the update :)

  22. woozyshadows says:

    cool you know with the new update we can make villages bigger and biger by making houses easy as that lol a seed to start a village is gimmeabrake

  23. iNedwood says:

    haha thanks dude glad to be able to help also thanks for subbing :)

  24. Игорь Коновалов says:

    Thanks! That video helped me to buld my suvival stronghold with npc’s. Thanks again.

  25. Hlodolog says:

    hmm… full version of fraps can also make low-sized videos, but it costs money. I know it isn´t too much, but i can´t afford it