Jay-Z – On To The Next One (Live @ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’) .mkv

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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13 Responses to Jay-Z – On To The Next One (Live @ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’) .mkv

  1. DonRMB says:


  2. SkratchMyItch says:

    Jay’s shorts and shoes look dope.

  3. thisistarm says:

    Worst crowd ever!

  4. suiteglove says:

    His success has not been manufactured.  The guy is great live. He cross’s over and he is the best writer ever. He came from shit! He deserves everything he got… He s dirty.!!!!!!!

  5. KortezNike says:


  6. 1x0randomdude0x1 says:

    you don’t have to be black to like rap you jackass

  7. Tranman69 says:

    lovin the drums!

  8. MrRyan7716 says:

    I saw this in jail everyone was jammin out I am white and I even like this nigger song

  9. Mohit5466 says:

    thumbs up if you think eminem and jay-z rap the best together =DDDD

  10. like94that says:

    not that i have a problem with white people
    but yeah stupid them !

  11. grage22 says:

    stupid white boys and girls !!!!!!!!!!

  12. solidjm says:

    hey!!! this song does sound good live…love the band

  13. b1ackic3 says:

    king , this dude sounds good live.