Stephen’s Minecraft Trap Tutorial For All Skill Levels

My trap design with several examples and detailed walkthrough. This guide is for anyone: whether you bought the game today or have been playing for months, these techniques will get you all of the hard-to-get drops. I start off with a basic one-entrance trap and move on to show 4-way traps. Redstone circuits are used as indicators when the trap has loot ready. If you need more detailed schematics, let me know and I can do another video. My subway preview: Donate:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Stephen’s Minecraft Trap Tutorial For All Skill Levels

  1. jdog2565 says:

    i love your design

  2. cerwol says:

    omg noob…

  3. Threzur says:

    ohh… um.. i think you spelled his name wrong

  4. Allan Cristhian Kath Kipfer says:

    i made my self a trap like that, using wood pressure plate, but redstone.
    On the place of redstone i was using redwire or something like that!
    With i do really want to my bukkit server(don’t know ho to install, if not a plugin)
    its just a simple sv, for 4 peoples, 6 top (2MBits internet connection haha, so can’t hold so much players…and i work on the same PC-server almost all day…so i can’t spend so many CPUon the server…but its almost 24/7)

  5. MrPopcornRuler says:

    does this work on 1.2.5?

  6. randella2499 says:

    Solution: replace water with lava

  7. sniperhunter864 says:

    can you make a toturial on the intersection trap?

  8. JSwanson547 says:

    Dat won’t work in today’s version. Monsters can swim now.

  9. MattandRoryFilms says:

    This video was made in Alpha, they didn’t then.

  10. TheTreemovies says:

    Learn to spell!

  11. danzho5 says:

    Stupid…… U should make the room dark so jobs would spawn nside but the way u do it, u new noobs to get stuck first….. And thief not that stupid…

  12. jonathonhkl says:

    I like this idea

  13. lantanajosh25 says:

    Nice, I made something like this but urs is a lot mre awesome

  14. ZANEzawesome says:

    You should somehow catch a villager right in front of the trap so the mobs will be attracted to it. :)

  15. Trenton Scott says:

    What recording system do you use?

  16. JPJL100 says:

    If you remove the torches there is a better chance you’ll get drops because then monsters will spawn there!

  17. LOLCATS4090 says:


  18. Killdabeast86 says:

    11:31 ill try anything so yeah huh.That could be inappropriate lol

  19. mrhundrafemtio says:

    I have my own crap… Trap sorry!

  20. iTzMiniScara says:

    I’ve got an idear how about a trap where you put a switch in side your house so if a creeper steeps on a trap door (which u have placed outside you house) u flick the switch and it land in lava

  21. newcool1230 says:

    What happens if a mob is standing on the pressure and it didnt drowned

  22. ChefAthistSucks says:

    this was made in 2010 so not really a fail

  23. MrErsredrocket says:

    I have an idea for a mini but easy to make trap, its not my idea tho, first put a pressure plate on the ground and place 4 doors (wood might work with iron) well going counter clockwise, then but 3 wood slabs on the pressure plate and get ride of the bottom 2, then your done, try it just walk on the pressure plate and all the doors shut in your face