Converting an ISO Shipping Container into a Livable and Safe Home

The recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile killed thousands of people and have left hundreds of thousands homeless. Today, poverty has left up to 3.5 million Americans in need of temporary housing. Haiti, Chile and the US, have 100000s of empty ISO shipping containers sitting dormant. My idea is to use local labor to convert one of these shipping containers into a safe, low-cost, eco-friendly home for temporary housing to those in need. ISO shipping containers are rugged, weatherproof, and plentiful. Local artisans and craftspeople will design and convert one of these shipping containers into a livable and safe home. Because building materials are unavailable to the poor, the design and build will focus on using scrap and recycled materials. Also, all build techniques will be done in a manner that is easily replicable by individuals with little or no construction skills. The final product will be instructional videos for NGOs to build these homes locally, with local labor.

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25 Responses to Converting an ISO Shipping Container into a Livable and Safe Home

  1. luvintherawlife says:

    @curoephotography Aside from where these guy got theirs, they’re all over the internet.

  2. mrk0de says:

    This is extremely innovative and you have done it with massive style. Very Cool.
    If you check my channel (u dont have too geez) you can see why I would have REALLY REALLY NEEDED ONE OF THESE. Now I have a plan for next time! Where can normal folks buy these containers so we can mod them like you have?

  3. pzIIak2011 says:

    where does the poop go?

  4. MrRossi18020 says:

    People are starting to accept living just like animals… except for the roof over their heads. Way to go geniuses.

  5. mon2nika says:

    I lived off grid for 4 years. It was fun and exiting for awhile but that too wore off and it became just another daily bah hum bug. Life can be over bearing and a drag. That’s why we need change and new challenges or we become mutants.

  6. wb5mgr says:

    If it did not rain all year, one could just store more water in a large cistern.

  7. TheQwaggs says:

    well done!!! It’s nice to see someone do more with less!!!

  8. KatiushaVN4 says:

    nice plan

  9. puketinho says:

    @StrykerKnights I would put a wooden angled roof on it, and the space between i can use for a storage.The main problem is the water, if it is near a stream then this problem is solved, one can pull the water with a diesel pump.I like this idea, its a very cheap home ,because interrior setting one can do easily, I have seen used container of this size for eight hundred dollars.

  10. stodd32 says:

    Studio 320 is just another name for an eager pot smoker

  11. oilmaninpowell says:

    I have several shipping containers that I use for a sop/storage. I built wood decks on top to cut down heat. A must do. I have thought about sod roof but I’m assuming one would need to put down a rubber sheet or something to stop rust. What did these builders do?

  12. aeroson22 says:

    how did you frame out the interior, or is the plywood attached directly to the steel?

  13. stopglobalswarming says:

    don’t forget to secure the doors to prevent them slamming in the wind.

  14. 1UPwrangler says:

    wow, this aint your granmother’s shipping container home. haha It looks very expensive. These guys are sharp and immaculate.

  15. 1UPwrangler says:

    wow, this aint your granmother’s shipping container home. haha It looks very expensive. These guys are sharp and immaculate.

  16. Maandolin says:

    Wow this is absolutely amazing, guys. I am loving the space. Looks great, functions great, it’s amazing. I love the wet room and it is very common in Japan which I believe was mentioned in the video. Great for the space :)
    Hoping to see more of this around. Congrats on this amazing place! One step closer to a greener planet.

  17. ViacomPoops says:


  18. Beachcrib says:

    Can I find these plans And other similar?

  19. StarvinArtistSue says:

    You might use the long wall that you took off between the two containers to angle slightly on one roof so that the water runs down more freely and doesn’t pool on a flat roof…just a thought. Lovely design boys!

  20. curoephotography says:

    Can someone get back to me on how to purchase something like this or a floorplan? I am very interested.

  21. noblinger says:


  22. tlynch1218 says:

    i love you guys!!!! you have put my perfect idea together.  this is my next project, but i will have a bath!

  23. gunzkid123 says:

    great for electrical storms!

  24. noblinger says:

    how secure is this unit? For leaving it for long periods of time? Thanks

  25. ortsa123 says:

    Looks real nice but it isnt going to be very pleasant in winter.