#1 Build Pro Sound Studio & Vocal Booth – Acoustical Treatment

Video #2: www.youtube.com DUBturbo presents: (Step By Step Instructions & Pics Below ) How to build your own sound booth and recording room for cheap. See step by step pics at: forums.nichechoppers.com This is a personal journal video as I convert two rooms in our new unit into acoustically treated recording and production rooms with a sound booth conversion in the closet. Soundtrack from: www.artofbeats.com Things you'll need *Acoustical Foam - I used ebay - foamfactory - cost? 0 USD - which was enough to fill two rooms at 15x20, and two closets at 3x5 (we way overestimated but it's better to have leftovers than have to re-order just a few pieces or run out before you finish your application). Get a consultation for your room from an acoustical pro so you know what thickness, size, texture, and type of foam is best suited for your needs. Get the spray glue your foam provider recommends or sells in-house. *Paint & all accessories - Get Latex or eggshell, NOT shiny/glossy. *Nails - if some of your foam starts to fall/peal/come off over time, use tiny 3/4" nails to nail them into the wall without damaging the foam, and so you can hide the nail easily within the foam once it's nailed into the wall. *Sheets: To treat your ceiling, you'll want to hang sheets from the ceiling to the wall leaving a bow/bend in the middle, this is to dampen the noise an reflection from your ceiling. Feel free to add a few foam blocks to the ceiling as well. You'll want to hang 2 sheets, going ...

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25 Responses to #1 Build Pro Sound Studio & Vocal Booth – Acoustical Treatment

  1. EpicGamerWorld says:

    2:31 did he say he paid $100,000 for that foam?

  2. lilmilodance1 says:

    Great video and you have good energy. We should work together at some point. Email me.

  3. SaVoMaTiK says:

    wow respect the dedication

  4. MrSpritemonster says:

    cool stuff! but at 00:31 you look like a twat in the photo. lol

  5. 2012ANONYMOUSA says:

    Is it better to go through a factory for the foam or FEEBAY? I want to do my living room for watching movies.

  6. Dimitris24sta23 says:

    And what about the ceiling?

  7. WhatTheFuckIsAJobin says:

    All black is so uncreative, I can respect the fact of being distracted. That would just hurt my eye’s though. Look’s sick anyway man!

  8. thabestmanicanbe says:

    You should’ve put plastic on the floor and used a vent fan in your window. As well as using velcro to put it on the wall. but it sounds good.

  9. DjRev3rb says:

    I feel lucky to have family who works in a mattress company bring back foam every week.

  10. 75oyra says:

    how manny foames did you use??

  11. TheSoundDoctors says:

    foam is more expensive than i thought

  12. diamondchain1 says:

    canadian -.-

  13. NEJANBIRCH says:

    How Much did it cost?

  14. THEFLIGUY says:

    I agree before you start treating a room you should run a frequency analysis to determine which frequencies are problematic and add treatment as necessary all he’s doing is killing mid-high frequencies and allowing muddy bass frequencies to run rampant doesn’t help that the room is a cube also not a good choice no offense to the OP but DO NOT TREAT YOUR ROOMS LIKE THIS !! no offense intended but as someone who has studied acoustics don’t believe everything you see on utube

  15. eladreltuc says:

    Thanks for your ideas. Helps inspire other to do this :)

  16. TriviumCrusader17 says:

    Why is it people just hap hazardly throw foam all over their walls? You aren’t trying to “soundproof” the room. You are supposed to be controlling the movement of sound. Which entails hitting the angle of first reflection off your monitors, get bass traps in the corners to control bass buildup etc etc. What this dude is doing is killing the sound, which is just going to lead to poor mixing choices. A waste of time and money.

  17. XtremefrozenxX says:

    can i use egg shell for the room ?

  18. Lyrical Lord says:

    i have an important question what the number to the foam factory?


    Finally! Some one post a vid thats actuly worth watching and gives a lot of info on treating a room for recording!! Thank you very much for taking the time to do this, I found it very helpful and am in the works of doing my room the same way after searching for some good insight on how to go about doing it! You my friend are very talented!

  20. FloridaBoyMuzik says:

    ay dub i know u said u found da foam on ebay but i anit found da people u say who have it is dere anyway for me to find it eaiser

  21. xWhyNotProductionsx says:

    i’ll be honest (not mean) and say this dude really shouldnt be explaining much of anything about acoustics to other people. he throws around a lot of words that might make it sound like he knows what hes talking about but a person who’s done hard work and research into acoustics can tell he really doesn’t. i really am not trying to be rude or flame the guy, it’s just very dangerous to educate others about an already foggy subject with good intentions but unsound information. my two cents.

  22. tehchosenyoutubr says:

    Tip: You will get much better camcorder audio quality (especially for measuring reflection levels) if you set the audio levels to MANUAL, not auto, as the mic volume won’t be pumping up and down every second then.

  23. swissbeats23 says:

    lol but i half to say it is a sweet ROOM you made tho very nice wish i had a way to do that right now but i gota wait on a better job :) 

  24. Aquinoamigo says:

    what size are those foams? and whered you get them?

  25. DubTurboBeats says:

    If you’re just talking about the foam/paint/sound absorption you can start with little – all depends on your room/area you are trying to treat.

    If you’re talking about actual studio gear – there are plenty of beginner tools, daw’s, and the like but I would start with a good sound card, earphones/monitors, and awesome VST’s and sample kit collections – the rest is creativity based and preference re gear and brands.