The Sims 3 – How to Build a Basement

**NOTE** this video was created before the patch that gave a basement tool!! second NOTE basement tool that Sims 3 gives you doesn't work for my pool window so you will need to make the basement this way to use the pool window. This is a quick description showing how to build a basement on the sims 3. Just follow my instruction and you'll have a basement for your sims in no time! **Cheat Used is constrainfloorelevation false and constrainfloorelevation true**
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25 Responses to The Sims 3 – How to Build a Basement

  1. kakashi0909 says:

    now that i got the logic for it… it seems that he exploited the fact that basemart ARE infact made by digging a hole under your home… the part of “digging a hole” is when the lower level tool is used… the “under your home” part is when he added the foundation as a cover for the land fault however if you think it more clearly it seems he does it on account you cant use the inside of a foundation…

  2. coolboy56574 says:

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  3. coolboy56574 says:

    this was a YEAR ago please just let it go I was an asshole back then damn

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  6. 8aAshley says:

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  7. wellie2466 says:

    this is the best walk-through I’ve seen out of the 100000000 of times i tried searching for 1 like this.

  8. julzzville21 says:

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  9. xxminecraft4mexx says:

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  10. Michael Maldonado says:

    I don’t have the basement tool. How can I get it? PLEASE RESPOND!!!

  11. iannispatriciu says:

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  12. Devilzwishbone2009 says:

    Even with the basement tool thats now available this ibably one of the best ways to builements because you cannot link the slooped drive ways with basements

  13. Ace187whoride says:

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  14. ithrial1 says:

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  23. TheGhostfreak212 says:

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  24. Bingo1059 says:

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