Minecraft Lets play Episode 6 Skull Cave !

Hey guys a quick update on what ive been up to on my cave an pirate ship :) enjoy

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18 Responses to Minecraft Lets play Episode 6 Skull Cave !

  1. ganman877 says:

    That has happened to me like ten times on my creative world in minecraft when you spawn in a sea kinda cave

  2. UnreadableXX says:

    Sorry for my last comment. Can you make a tutorial on how to make the skull?

  3. UnreadableXX says:


  4. NoGoodNames4Me2 says:

    That woulda been epic, but it would despawn if you move too far away from it, and make sure no daylight would touch it.. Could be difficult :b but awesome idea !

  5. BlazeMaster561 says:

    Epic man i love your vids and subed to u

  6. TheElitedeath says:

    you shoulda trapped a skeleton in the nose or something for show/skeleton noise

  7. youtubinfool says:

    i burnt my large wood house down being careless with bloodstone xD

  8. ultimatebeunhaas says:

    ive lost my pirateship… :( map went corrupt

  9. PiewHeadshot says:

    Of course bloodstone doesnt set other stuff on fire, couse the whole nether ground is flamable. So if it would the whole Nether would be burning.

  10. boiledcrap says:

    Whats the screen capture/video program you are using? Got any decent ones for Mac?

  11. XxStarcrashXx says:

    tut plzzzzzzzzzz

  12. MrLinkProductions says:

    Burning blocks are Bloodstone, and it burns forever.

  13. clickboym2k says:

    My skull is way better :P

  14. rupluttaja says:

    and uploaded video today (month old save)

  15. rupluttaja says:

    you ship is way cooler than mine, check it out.
    i made it month ago so im not copying :D

  16. MegaTrekant says:

    Awesome :D Always looking forward to your videos. You should build some more houses, like a lookout post, a place for your resources, other than the boat, maybe a house with paintings? :P Just cool looking buildings..

  17. Behindjoonao says:

    You should also make like a lava pit or something on the ship but BE VERY CAREFUL XD. I put one of those into my house and when i came back from exploring i only had glass left. But to stop that from happenign you can make the pit very deep and surrounded by cobble stone. But if you think this is to dangerous and risky you shouldnt do it :P

  18. TheMegaPan says:

    YaY .. .. you

    BTW keep makin these i prefer yours 2 any one elses